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Where to put your Pupnaps bed

Dogs in the wild usually sleep in safe places where they can see potential threats coming towards them. What does this mean for your pup? Put simply, they will only be happy and feel relaxed if their bed is somewhere that feels as safe and as cosy as possible.

Ideally your dog’s bed should go in a corner where there are two walls on either side of them to make them feel secure. 
Pupnaps dog beds add an additional level of security via the thick outer rim that acts as a calming barrier to the outside world. The faux fur on our original version mimics the soothing feel of sleeping beside another dog, so your pup will never feel left out in the cold.

  • Under an open staircase is another perfect place as it will feel like a real “den” 
  • Dogs naturally want to be where the family is, so locating the bed in a quiet corner of the living room is ideal 
  • If you’re replacing your old bed with a Pupnaps one, put the new bed in the same spot as the old one to ease the transition 
  • Be wary of cold draughts in winter time - don’t put the bed near a window or a front door, for example 
  • In summer time, put the bed in a cool spot in your home away from direct sunlight 

Don’t forget your Pupnaps calming dog bed is incredibly easy to care for. Simply remove the outer cover and pop it into the washing machine whenever it needs freshening up. Job done!

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